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Course Reviews

by Enrolled Students

Conditions of Worship [To Be Accepted]

by Ali M.

"MashaAllah... The Shaykh taught it well. He's articulate and leaves nothing untouched. The example given is from the authentic sources and Alhamdulillah, now I am well equipped with the 2 main conditions for Allah SWT to accept our good deeds. Insha'Allah, I will apply it to my daily life activities and may Allah makes it easy for me and you all. Jazakallahu kheyran."

Understanding Allah's Names & Attributes

by Mohamed A.

"This is good, may Allah reward everyone. I am happy I'm a subscriber, I want to keep learning on here. May Allah give you more subscribers on here."

Arabic Grammar [Course #1]

by Rokia S.

"Thank you for making it so easy and well detailed. May AL-MUTAKABBIR reward you and all those behind it."


Aminata D.

"I learned a lot on the topic of takfeer; I'm grateful that Allah allowed me to register for the class."

Arabic Letters [How to Read]

by Klajdi S.

"Simple, Easy, Effective."

Fundamentals of Islamic Creed [Aqeedah]

by Julian K.

"Love the lessons! May Allah bless you brother. This has been a great review of Aqeedah for me."