About this Course

The present and historical relationship between Islam & Philosophy is important to understand.  In this class, AbdurRahman of Knowledge North clarifies the reality of philosophy, Islam's stance regarding it, and how certain heretical sects formed throughout history after being negatively affected by philosophy. 

About the Instructor

AbdurRahman is a post-graduate researcher from the UK.  He earned a Diploma in Islamic Studies from Imam University, KSA and has specialisms in creed, history and heresiology.  He is a content creator at "Knowledge North" on YouTube.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Philosophy & Islam

    • Philosophy & Islam Notes

    • Intellect

    • Philosophy

    • Historical Conflation of Philosophy, Science & Religion

    • Kalaam

    • Key Points of Deviation

    • Dawah: Inviting vs. Arguing

    • People of Kalaam vs. People of Sunnah

    • Pitfalls of Those Affected by Kalaam

    • Closing Remarks

  • 2

    History of Heresy

    • History of Heresy Notes

    • Path of the Prophet ﷺ & His Companions

    • The Qadriyyah

    • Divesting Allah of His Attributes

    • Mutazilites

    • Asha'ira

    • Heroes & Heretics

    • Closing Remarks