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About this Course

Letters come together to form words, then words come together to form sentences.  In Vol. 1 we learned letters, in Vol. 2 we will focus on both words and sentences.

The more words you learn and memorize, the more ability you have to form & understand sentences.  However, in order to truly express your own thoughts, and correctly understand others, you must learn the proper way sentences are formed.  Therefore, this course will focus on vocabulary (words) and grammar (sentences) simultaneously.  The further along you go regarding each of these two steps, the better your Arabic will be insha’Allah.

***This course is not currently complete, however new lessons are added as they are developed insha'Allah*** 

About the Instructor

Br. Saajid Lipham grew up in Maryland where he would embrace Islam in 2008 as a senior in college.  That same year he finished earning a B.A. in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University and went on in 2010 to enroll at the Islamic University of Madinah where he would earn an Associate’s Degree in Arabic Language and then a Bachelor’s in Dawah & Theology.  In 2019, he returned to the U.S. to serve as a part-time Imam, as well as an Islamic School Qur'an, Arabic, & Islamic Studies teacher in Florida.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Types of Words

    • Lesson #1 PDF

    • Complete Meaning + Relation to Time [فِعْل]

    • Complete Meaning + No Relation to Time [اِسْم]

    • No Complete Meaning Alone [حَرْف]

    • Lesson #1 Exercises

  • 3

    Definite vs. Indefinite

    • Lesson #2 PDF

    • Definite vs. Indefinite

    • Lesson #2 Exercises

  • 4

    Sun & Moon Letters

    • Lesson #3 PDF

    • Sun & Moon Letters

    • Lesson #3 Exercises

  • 5

    Male vs Female Names

    • Lesson #4 PDF

    • Male vs Female Names

    • Lesson #4 Exercise

  • 6

    "Ism" after "Harf Jarr"

    • Lesson #5 PDF

    • "Ism" after "Harf Jarr"

    • Lesson #5 Exercises

  • 7

    Transitive & Intransitive “Fi’l”

    • Lesson #6 PDF

    • Transitive "Fi'l"

    • Intransitive "Fi'l"

    • Lesson #6 Exercises

  • 8

    Action (Fi’l), Doer (Faa’il), Object (Maf’ool bihi)

    • Lesson #7 PDF

    • Object of Transitive "Fi'l" (Maf'ool Bihi)

    • Indefinite Object of Transitive "Fi'l" (Maf'ool Bihi)

    • Lesson #7 Exercise

  • 9

    Unit #1 Test

    • Unit #1 Test PDF