About this Course

This is an aqeedah course about that which every Muslim should know regarding Allah, Prophet Muhammad , and Islam.  It is based on the three questions everyone will be asked in the grave.

About the Instructor

Granit Binaku was born in Prishtina, Kosovo and grew up in Toronto, Canada.  He graduated with a BA in English and a TESOL certificate from York University, Canada.  In 2008, he was accepted to the Islamic University of Madinah, where he would earn an Associates Degree in Arabic and then a Bachelor’s from the Faculty of Hadith.  In 2014 he returned to Canada and continued various Da'wah activities in the Greater Toronto Area. He has taught 9-12th grade English in a private school in Toronto, and also taught Arabic and Islamic Studies to various grades at a few Islamic schools from 2015 to 2020. Granit continues to teach, counsel, give khutbas, and lecture in the GTA, Canada.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Book

    • Questions in the Grave [The Three Fundamental Principles] PDF

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Why Study Tawheed?

    • Why Study This Book First?

    • The Three Questions in the Grave

    • The Five Parts of this Book

  • 3

    The Four Important Points

    • Beginning with the Name of Allah

    • Dua for Allah's Mercy

    • Knowledge

    • Inviting Others

    • Patience

    • Proofs

  • 4

    The Three Important Points

    • Supplication for the Student

    • Tawheed & Its Categories

    • The First Point

    • The Second Point

    • The Third Point

  • 5

    The Importance of Studying Tawheed

    • The Importance of Studying Tawheed

  • 6

    The Three Fundamental Principles #1

    • Who is Your Lord?

    • How Did You Know Him?

    • Worship

    • Dua

    • Means

    • How is Dua Worship?

    • Fear

    • Hope

    • Tawakkul

    • Longing, Dreading, Submissiveness

    • Awe, Returning to Allah, Seeking Assistance

    • Seeking Refuge, Asking for Help, Offering Sacrifices

    • Oaths

  • 7

    The Three Fundamental Principles #2

    • What is Your Religion?

    • Pillar of Islam #1: Testimony of Faith

    • First Half of the Testimony

    • Second Half of Testimony

    • Pillar of Islam #2: Prayer

    • Pillar of Islam #3: Charity

    • Pillar of Islam #4: Fasting

    • Pillar of Islam #5: Hajj

    • Eemaan

    • Pillar of Eemaan #1: Belief in Allah

    • Pillar of Eemaan #2: Belief in His Angels

    • Pillar of Eemaan #3: Belief in the Books

    • Pillar of Eemaan #4: Belief in Messengers

    • Pillar of Eemaan #5: Belief in the Last Day

    • Pillar of Eemaan #6: Belief in the Qadar

    • Ihsaan

    • Differences Between the Muslim, Mu'min & Muhsin

    • Hadeeth Jibreel

    • Benefits from Hadeeth of Jibreel

    • The Most Important Knowledge

  • 8

    The Three Fundamental Principles #3

    • Who is Your Prophet?

    • Brief Summary of His Biography

    • Migration

    • The Greatest Prohibitions

    • The Final Prophet Sent to All People

  • 9


    • Conclusion