About this Course

This is a great introductory course for anyone interested in studying Fiqh (the practical Islamic rulings which are derived from detailed evidence and proof).  Shaykh Ahmed Abdelwahab teaches from the famous, concise beginner's level text of the Hanbali Madhhab, "Umdat At-Talib".  In this course (part 3), we learn about the etiquettes of wudu & what nullifies one's wudu.

About the Instructor

Dr. Ahmad Abdelwahab was born in Maryland, USA and lived a large portion of his life in Maryland as well as Saudi Arabia.  His academic achievements include graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from the College of Computer Science at the University of Maryland.  He then went on to study at the Islamic University of Madinah, where he earned a Bachelor's from the College of Shariah, and then both a Master's and PhD in Fiqh.  He is the first American to earn a PhD in Fiqh from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Course curriculum

    1. Class Policy & Texts

    2. Wudu Notes

    3. Introduction

    1. Meaning of Wudu

    2. Virtues of Wudu

    3. Ayah of Wudu

    4. Pillars of Wudu

    5. Conditions of Wudu

    6. Condition vs Pillar

    7. Obligation of Wudu

    8. Issues Related to Intention

    1. Intention, Tasmiyah, Washing Hands

    2. Washing the Face

    3. Washing the Arms

    4. Wiping the Head & Ears

    5. Washing the Feet

    6. Recommended Dua

    7. Person with Amputated Arm or Foot?

    8. Permitted Matters in Wudu

    9. Recommended Acts in Wudu

    10. Disliked Acts in Wudu

    1. Wudu Q & A

    2. Wudu Quiz

    1. Chapter on Wiping Over the Khuffs Notes

    2. Chapter on Wiping Over the Khuffs (Leather Socks)

    3. Introduction: Permissibility of Wiping over Socks

    4. Conditions of Wiping Over Socks

    5. Conditions of Wiping Over Turbans

    6. Women Wiping Over Scarves

    7. More Conditions

    8. Wiping Over Casts

    9. Difference Between Khuff vs. Cast

    10. Conditions for Wiping Over Casts

    11. Ninth Condition

    12. What Nullifies Purification Based on Wiping

    1. Wiping Socks Q & A

    2. Wiping Socks Quiz

About this course

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