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It is imperative for every Muslim who is eager to worship Allah and do good deeds, to know what are the conditions that are required to be met so that Allah would accept those good deeds and reward us for them in order for us to be successful and enter Jannah on the Day of Judgement.  In this class, we cover the two conditions that every good deed or act of worship that a Muslim does must meet in order to be accepted by Allah.  This class includes verses from the Quran, ahadith from the authentic Sunnah, and stories and statements from the companions (radiyallahu anhum) as well as some of the Salaf that are relevant to this topic, and are used as a basis for understanding the teachings of our deen properly.

About the Instructor

Br. Omar Chatila has been working in the field of Islamic Education for many years as a teacher and administrator.  After receiving his bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland College Park, Br. Omar went on to complete his Masters Degree in Management from Wake Forest University.  He has served as the Principal of a full-time Islamic school in Florida for six years, and has also served as the President of the Florida Islamic Schools Association and the Vice President of the Council of Islamic Schools in North America in the past.  Br. Omar has been actively involved in the local Muslim communities that he has lived in over the years, and has taught classes and given Khutbahs on a regular basis.  He has a wide range of teaching experience that includes teaching children in Elementary, Middle, and High School, as well as working with Graduate and Undergraduate students at the College level.  Br. Omar has studied the deen with various shuyukh and students of knowledge, both in Lebanon where he is originally from as well as here in the United States, but he has benefitted the most in furthering his journey of seeking knowledge through independently studying some of the works and lectures of Sheikh Al-Albani (rahimahullah) as well as some of his main students who are active in Jordan today, as well as other scholars from Ahlussunnah Wal Jama'ah past and present.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction (Purpose)

    2. Quiz 1

    1. Sincerity for Allah alone (Ikhlaas)

    2. Quiz 2

    1. The First Three to Enter Hellfire

    2. Quiz 3

    1. Benefits of Sincerity in This Life

    2. Quiz 4

    1. Intention is in the Heart

    2. Quiz 5

    1. Help with Sincerity

    2. Quiz 6

About this course

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