About this Course

"Al-Aajroomiyyah" is a well-known, standard text which summarizes the grammatical rules of the Arabic language and has proven to be extremely beneficial for students of the Arabic language for hundreds of years.  If someone has a bit of a background in the Arabic language, this is an excellent next step toward mastering the language insha'Allah.

About the Instructor

Muhammad James Sutton is originally from Jacksonville, FL and became Muslim at the age of 15 in 1993.  He began seeking knowledge by traveling around the United States to places like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Texas, but eventually made his way to Yemen where he lived for 15 years from 2000-2015.  After Yemen, he would spend 6 years in Saudi Arabia.  During his travels, he was blessed to study subjects like Arabic, Hadith, Tafseer, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Usool Al-Fiqh, etc. with scholars in Dammaj & Sanaa (Yemen) and Riyadh (KSA).  He recently returned to his hometown of Jacksonville, FL with hopes of trying to benefit the people from what he gained during his years of seeking knowledge, insha’Allah.

Course curriculum

    1. Al-Aajroomiyyah PDF

    2. Telegram Group

    1. Importance of Arabic Grammar

    2. Books to Study

    3. Goals of This Class

    1. Kalaam الكلام

    1. Ism الاسم

    2. Fi'l الفعل

    3. Harf الحرف

    1. 01. Al-Khafdh الخفض

    2. 02. Tanween التنوين

    3. 03. Alif Laam ال

    4. 04. Huroof al-Khafdh حروف الخفض

    5. 05. Huroof al-Qasam حروف القسم

    6. 06. al-Isnaad Ilayhi الإسناد إليه

    1. 01. Qad قد

    2. 02. + 03. Seen & Sawfa السِّين وسَوْفَ

    3. 04. Ta' al-Ta'neeth al-Saakinah تاء التأنيث الساكنة

About this course

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