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The issue of "Takfeer" is a very important topic in Islam that is unfortunately often misunderstood and abused.  This beginner's course is aimed at properly defining takfeer, explaining its types, warning from the dangers of making false takfeer, as well as explaining other details related to the topic.

About the Instructor

Brother Ehsan Arshad is from Birmingham, UK and is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah's Arabic Institute as well as the Faculty of Dawah & Usool Al-Deen.  He is currently an Imam and Head of Madrasah at Islamic Dewsbury Mosque, England.

Course curriculum

    1. What is Takfeer?

    2. Quiz #1

    1. Types of Kufr

    2. Quiz #2

    1. Danger of Takfeer

    2. Quiz #3

    1. Principles of Takfeer

    2. Quiz #4

    1. Preventions of Takfeer

    2. Quiz #5

    1. Closing Remarks

About this course

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