About this Course

This is the third and final course of a 3-course series where students will be taught an overview of the fundamentals regarding Arabic grammar.  The lessons are short, but packed with a lot of pertinent information.  Insha'Allah, if one masters each of the grammatical teachings laid out in this series, they will have the tools they need to grammatically understand the Book of Allah, the Qur'an!

About the Instructor

Br. Qayssar is certified in Qur'an Recitation (Reading proficiency with the proper Rules of Tajweed and Tafseer Explanation) from Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Al-Qaisy (Member of Iraq Muslim Scholars League). He has many years of teaching experience as a Qur'an and Arabic Teacher. He is also certified in Islamic Studies with knowledge in Islamic Creed (Aqeedah), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Prophetic Traditions and Sayings (Hadeeth) and Islamic History. Br. Qayssar has a B.A. in Linguistics with a Degree of Excellence in French Language and History of Literature and a separate High Diploma in both Arabic and English Language from Baghdad University.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Past Tense Verb [الفعل الماضي]

    • Past Tense Verb [الفعل الماضي]

    • 1st Person

    • 2nd Person

    • 3rd Person

  • 2

    Present Tense Verb [الفعل المضارع]

    • Present Tense Verb [الفعل المضارع]

    • 1st Person

    • 2nd Person

    • 3rd Person

    • Future Tense

  • 3

    3 Letter Verb [أبواب الفعل الثلاثي المجرد]

    • Categories 1-3

    • Categories 4-6

  • 4

    Modes of Verbs [أحوال الفعل]

    • Modes of Verbs [أحوال الفعل]

  • 5

    Imperative Verb [فعل الأمر]

    • Imperative Verb [فعل الأمر]

    • Conjugations

  • 6

    Nominal Sentence [الجملة الاسمية]

    • Nominal Sentence [الجملة الاسمية]

    • Types of Predicate [أنواع الخبر]

    • Early Predicate & Late Subject [خبر مقدّم و مبتدأ مؤخّر]

  • 7

    Verbal Sentence [الجملة الفعلية]

    • Verbal Sentence [الجملة الفعلية]

    • The Subject [الفاعِل]

    • The Object [المفعول به]

  • 8

    The Adverb [الظرف]

    • The Adverb [الظرف]

  • 9

    Numbers [الأعداد]

    • Numbers [الأعداد]

    • 1-10

    • Compound Numbers

    • Compound Number Genders

    • Compound Numbers by 10's from 20-90

  • 10

    Tools that Change the Nominal Sentence [نواسخ الجملة الاسمية]

    • كان وأخواتها

    • إنّ وأخواتها

    • ظنّ وأخواتها

  • 11

    Comparative/Superlative [التفضيل]

    • Comparative/Superlative [التفضيل]

  • 12

    The Verbal Noun [المصدر]

    • Patterns

    • Interpretive Original [المصدر المؤول]

  • 13

    Negation [النفي]

    • Negation [النفي]

  • 14

    Conditional Sentence [الشرط]

    • Conditional Sentence [الشرط]

  • 15

    The Absolute Object [المفعول المطلق]

    • The Absolute Object [المفعول المطلق]

  • 16

    The Exception [الاستثناء]

    • The Exception [الاستثناء]

    • Types

  • 17

    Interrogation [الاستفهام]

    • Interrogation [الاستفهام]

    • Tools: Particles & Nouns [أدوات الاستفهام]

  • 18

    Vocative [المنادى]

    • Vocative [المنادى]

  • 19

    Accusative of Specification [التمييز]

    • Accusative of Specification [التمييز]

    • Types

  • 20

    Accusative of How [الحال]

    • Accusative of How [الحال]